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Recruitment Process

Staffing and Recruiting. Reimagined.


Our firm takes pride in creating a customizable experience for each client. While we fully understand the need to execute efficiently and effectively, we are not transactional in our approach. We focus on relationship building to create such a positive experience for you and for the candidates we touch on your behalf. We think time invested in this way has a positive impact on results and creates value for both of us. To make sure we are picking the correct candidate for your open role, we believe it is important to discuss not only the opportunity, but to also understand you, your business and your culture. Below are the steps we take before submitting any candidate to your open roles:

  • We will handle posting all of your open jobs with descriptions to all of the leading job boards.
  • We will conduct a pre-screen phone call to all candidates that appear to match your job description. During this call, we will enthusiastically represent your company and help promote the opportunity. This first candidate contact is critical to securing interest from the candidates who ought to interest you.
  • If they are qualified, we will conduct an in-person or Skype interview to gain a better understanding of their skill set and cultural fit.
  • Once we are confident in the candidate, we will send you their resume and call you about their skills, references, style, etc.
  • At the appropriate time, we will complete 2 supervisor and 2 peer reference calls for each candidate we interview.
  • We will also conduct background checks* and drug screens* (if required).
  • Our goal is to create an easy process for you and we will make ourselves available at every step of the way – from first contact through offer and acceptance.

Introduction and Account Setup

  • Introductory phone call with you.
  • Define job opening and specific requirements.
  • In person meeting or Skype with your team.
  • Review our services and tailor an experience for your organization.

Candidate Resume Review and Interviews

  • Review potential candidate resumes.
  • Eliminate resumes that lack necessary skills and background.
  • Conduct phone and Skype interviews with candidates.
  • Submit preferred candidates for client feedback.

Resume Acceptance (Phase 1)

  • After client interest in candidate we perform the following:
  • Two peer and two supervisor reference checks.
  • Prepare and schedule a meeting for you and candidate.
  • Review your feedback after initial interview.

Resume Acceptance (Phase 2)

  • After initial interview, if there’s interest in hiring:
  • Perform background and drug screenings.
  • Confirm salary and inform candidate offer is coming.
  • Set up start date, time, attire, first daily preparations.
  • Congratulations on your new employee!

Benefits of working with RDC Talent:

  • Structured Vetting and Recruiting Process.
  • Hiring Training and Guidance.
  • Interview Guidance and Preparation.
  • Reference Checks and Background Checks.
  • Fast and Reliable Candidate Turnaround.
  • Skye or In Person Candidate Interviews.
  • Tailored Resume Search Packages.
  • A Unique Custom Experience for Every Client.
  • Impressive Client List and Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction.