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We want our partnerships to be more than transnational. If you search the word ‘recruiting,’ you’ll find it is defined as “the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs.” While this is traditionally the definition, RDC Talent finds it very important to include building and maintaining relationships as a part of our process. Believe us when we say, there is real and measurable value in this approach for both of us. A bit of time invested by both parties can build the foundation for a highly effective and long term working relationship. Throughout our time together, we will always invest the time required to ensure we keep pace with your business and with your evolving needs. To us, it is pretty simple – the better we understand you, your business and your culture, the better job we do representing you in the marketplace and in identifying successful placements. If that’s not enough incentive, think of the time you will save by not wasting time educating a bunch of firms who could really care less. RDC Talent is selective. We want to partner with clients who intuitively understand and embrace this approach. We prefer a few deep and lasting relationships over many fleeting transactions.

RDC Talent is comprised of a staff that truly wants to represent your business in the most positive light. Our small firm has been said to be the friendliest group of professionals in the business. With a structured process and an approach to the business that really works, RDC Talent is also the best in the business. We know that working with recruiting firms can be a difficult and, at times, unsatisfying process. At RDC Talent, we have built this business to create a truly customizable experience for you. If you choose to work with our team, you will work with one relationship management expert so your needs are understood and delivered in a concise and timely manner. Your relationship manager will make sure that other RDC Talent team members understand everything they need to know about your business and your opportunity – we spend the time so you don’t have to. RDC Talent provides our partners with a responsive, personable and customizable relationship that is extremely cost-effective for your business. Our firm is about YOU!
We’ve promised to bring your business a partnership that is unparalleled. RDC Talent is steered by our CUSTOM principles, which is how we choose to conduct our relationship with you.

– Commitment to your team and hiring needs.

– Understanding the job requisition and skill set required.

– Sincerity in everything we do. We’re here to help you succeed.

– Teamwork form our staff to ensure efficient and timely workflow.

– Opportunity to create a lasting relationship that can better both organizations.

– Motivated to deliver the best experience and dedicated candidates.