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OnCall Direct Hire

Reliable and Efficient Hiring Solutions


At RDC Talent we understand that every business, job opening, and candidate is different. We have always taken that into account and will always continue to customize your direct-hire needs. By spending the time to understand your business and open requisitions we’ll source, screen, and present every candidate that seems to fit your job description. Based on your feedback, we’ll continue to tailor our approach and which candidates are presented moving forward.

OnCall is an RDC Talent system that means we are ready to acquire top talent for you immediately. As a business owner or manager, you’re responsible for the entire inner workings of your business. Whether your company is small, medium, or large this is always a difficult feat. Here at RDC Talent, we know how stressful it is to source, interview and check each candidate to make sure they will fit with your skill set and cultural needs. Luckily, we will provide these services and more to let you run your business in the most effective manner possible.

Here’s how you’ll benefit:

  • Professional recruiting staff with industry expertise, knowledge and a large network of connections all over the United States.
  • Highly communicative, energetic, and friendly staff.  We truly love our job!
  • Exclusive opportunities to connect with top talent that work only with RDC (and you!).
  • We work with both active and passive candidates to ensure the right candidates are being presented.
  • Only receive resumes from candidates that were vetted through our extensive process.
  • We’ll submit candiates that match your required skillsets and cultural atmosphere.
  • Feel comfortable knowing your time will not be wasted. You will only meet with talent that is pre-screened, interviewed via Skype or face to face, vetted through multiple supervisory and peer references, and *background checked and *drug screened; per your request.

We’ve heard many employers express their frustration about working with too many people at a single recruiting firm. When you begin building your relationship with RDC Talent, you will be assigned to 1 relationship management expert to ensure a smooth line of communication, and so you are able to work with a single person who can truly understand your business and create a less time-consuming process than keeping a relationship with multiple people.

Benefits of working with RDC Talent:

  • Structured Vetting and Recruiting Process.
  • Hiring Training and Guidance.
  • Interview Guidance and Preparation.
  • Reference Checks and Background Checks.
  • Fast and Reliable Candidate Turnaround.
  • Skye or In Person Candidate Interviews.
  • Tailored Resume Search Packages.
  • A Unique Custom Experience for Every Client.
  • Impressive Client List and Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction.