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  • RDC leverages Relationship Management Experts as opposed to traditional recruiters.  This means we will build a friendly relationship with you to truly understand your needs and how we can best assist you.
  • At RDC Talent culture is of the utmost importance.  Our team is composed of a tight-knit group of professionals who will work diligently to understand your culture. We conduct our business in a way that is easy and inspires confidence.
  • Because we are a relationship-based firm, we stay connected with our clients AND our candidates. Our goal is to ensure we keep pace with you and the evolution of your business, as well as maintain the pulse of the talent landscape. We believe this approach creates value for you and a better experience for our candidates.
  • We are easy to do business with and our fee structure is unique. We are willing to put fees at risk and structure exclusive deals. Our retained search fee structure changes the industry standard model and ensures our interests are aligned. This model has the potential to revolutionize the industry.
  • RDC Talent is also a company that cares about our community. We are involved with many community associations and and volunteer groups.  We’re proud members of the Bucks County Chamber of Commerce and Yardley Business Association.  We also take great pride in sponsoring great causes like All Vets USA, Homers for Hope, and Rock and Ride for the Cure.

Our recruiting process at RDC Talent is unique and can be tailored for each and every client we serve. Learn more about our Recruiting Process here.

Typically, if you send a job description over our recruiters will have at least one (1) candidate presented within 3 business days.  This time frame does not include the time to sign any MNDA contracts or any other documents your company may require RDC to sign.  It is also important to note that depending on the industry and skills required, each position with fluctuate in time to deliver and the number of candidates delivered.

We got our start specializing in Technical positions. Specifically in the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing sector.  While this remains a core strength, we staff all types of positions in virtually every industry sector.

RDC Talent covers the entire United States. Our clients and candidates are located all over the country.

This completely depends on the project and the specific requirements.  Retained search requires a retainer, though the way we structure our retainer is dramatically different than the big firms.  Contingent search does not require a retainer.   Outsourced recruiting services and other services are provided on an agreed upon fee-for-service basis.  If you have any questions or believe you have a special circumstance, feel free to give us a call at 267-733-6843 so we can discuss your needs.

We are a boutique firm doing exceptional work for exceptional companies.  However, we are not saddled with overhead and infrastructure of the big firms.  Therefore, we are able to offer incredibly competitive fees and unique fee structures that ensure our interests are aligned. As a firm that takes great pride on being easy to work with, we are always willing to consider novel fee arrangements that work for both parties.

RDC Talent offers a standard replacement policy for any candidate who’s employment terminates within 6 months of their hire date.  We appreciate our business relationships and will work to keep our clients  satisfied.  If you would like to discuss longer guaranteed terms, don’t hesitate to call us and discuss.

Both.  We look for great talent wherever we can find it.  We will actively identify and recruit highly-qualified passive candidates.  We also find that people who may be actively looking or even in transition are also great candidates.  One of the realities of the new economy is that there is more great talent available for work and actively seeking new opportunities than ever before.

Without knowing who your direct competitors are, we can’t guarantee we don’t already serve their needs.  However, we are open to non-compete contracts if there is an incentive for us as well.  We’ll certainly steer clear from your competitors to solidify a great long term relationship.

Yes, we follow the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics and our own sourcing experience for compensation guidance.  While surveys are useful, the best and most current data is always what we find in the market.  We gather compensation data on all candidates so you can see where the market is and make an informed decision.

Traditionally we do not.  If you would like us to and are willing to pay a recruitment fee, we’re open to discussion.

Absolutely!  At RDC Talent we’re unique to every clients needs.  We recruit for full-time, part-time, temporary, and contract positions.